Lending Our Voice


 Lending Our Voice in Support for Autism Awareness

The Sugar Grove Corn Boil is proud and honored
to partner with Giant Steps,
specifically the Canopy Program

While the month of April may be Autism Awareness month, the Sugar Grove Corn Boil will be lighting it up blue throughout the four-day festival, Thursday, July 27th through Sunday, July 30th. A vital reason the Corn Boil is put on year after year is to help the community they serve. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Corn Boil, it is important to continue to lend their voice to special causes that affect the community. This year, the Sugar Grove Corn Boil has partnered with Giant Steps, specifically the Canopy Program it provides. Giant Steps is an organization that provides support to individuals and families affected by autism. The Canopy program is focused around the needs of adults with autism, providing opportunities that help these individuals interact and engage with others.

Starting Thursday night, the Corn Boil committee would like to show support to Giant Steps and the Canopy program by asking for your help. The committee will donate $5 to Giant Steps for every carnival wristband that is sold (excluding pre-sale tickets) during the night. The price of the wristband is $25.00 and will allow one individual the ability to ride any and all rides during the unlimited ride hours of 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. that night.

Autism awareness will continue throughout the event. As the festival takes place, the committee requests all local residents and business owners to help in lighting our town and surrounding communities blue. In the next few weeks, the committee will begin selling blue lite bracelets, that represent the voice of the Sugar Grove community and the Corn Boil. Individual bracelets will be $5.00 and will be available at several local businesses in Sugar Grove including Old Second Bank, Ace Hardware Sugar Grove,  First National Bank, 1st Secure Community Bank, Genoa Pizza, Paisano’s Pizza and Grill, Couture Tan, and at the event. Before the main performer takes the stage, the Sugar Grove committee invites you to participate while wearing the blue bracelet during a special moment.

To learn more about Giant Steps and the Canopy Program please visit Giant Steps.

Sugar Grove speaks, let’s continue to bring understanding, awareness,
and acceptance to our community and surrounding areas.

Amazing things happen when we come together!

March 10, 2017: Giant Steps is proud to announce that the 2017 Sugar Grove Corn Boil festival’s 50th anniversary celebration will be dedicated to the Canopy Adult Services Program (CASP). The celebration begins Friday, July 28th at 5:00 p.m. with a parade, led by CASP participants and staff members, which will end in Volunteer Park where the Corn Boil festivities will be held. The festival will feature a multitude of entertainment options, including live music, fireworks, a wide selection of food and drinks, and carnival rides, as well as the Sugar Grove Citizen of the Year ceremony.

Each year the Sugar Grove Corn Boil Committee selects a local organization to dedicate the festival to and this summer Giant Steps’ Canopy Adult Services Program is the recipient of the honor.

“Giving back to the community is a cornerstone of the Corn Boil. The festival is all about celebrating community and there’s no better way to do that then by giving back to charities we believe are doing great work here in Sugar Grove. Giant Steps and Canopy [Adult Services Program] are doing amazing things and we want to lend our voice and support to the cause any way we can,” said Corn Boil Committee President Jackie Link.

Since its inception in 2012, Giant Steps’ CASP has expanded to a second campus in Sugar Grove, through a partnership with philanthropist Jerry Rich. The CASP serves as a re-imagined community for adults living with an autism spectrum disorder which offers hope for a safe, fulfilled, purposeful and happy life.

“Giant Steps is truly humbled by the showing of support from the Sugar Grove community for our Canopy Adult Services Program,” said Giant Steps Executive Director, Dr. Sylvia Smith. “Having such a celebrated event be dedicated to our program is a tremendous honor and serves to strengthen our resolve to improve how we serve our communities.”

“It’s such an honor that the committee has chosen to highlight the work being done at our Canopy Adult Services Program this year,” said Giant Steps Senior Director of Development Garrett Slemmons. “The Sugar Grove community has been so welcoming to Giant Steps and this recognition just shows how much the residents believe in our mission.”

The Sugar Grove Corn Boil is a non-profit organization that is run by local volunteers, business owners and community leaders. Every year the committee fundraises for the festival and at the end they donate back to a variety of community groups. Last year the committee donated back to a total of 18 local charities.

To learn more about Giant Steps and the Canopy Program please visit

Giant Steps