Medallion Hunt


The Sugar Grove Corn Boil Medallion has been found!

Congratulations Annette Wood from Sugar Grove!

The 9th Annual Corn Boil Medallion Hunt is gearing up! This year’s Medallion has been ordered and in June, 2016 will be hidden within Sugar Grove Township. The person who finds the medallion will be recognized during the Sugar Grove Corn Boil 2016 opening ceremonies that will take place on Friday, July 29, 2016. A cash prize of $50 will be awarded along with the 2016 Sugar Grove Corn Boil glass medallion.

Clues as to finding the Medallion’s whereabouts will be available this year on the Sugar Grove website only beginning on Thursday, June 9, 2016. One clue every Thursday from then on will be posted on the website, so follow the website weekly. When the medallion is found, it will also be posted on the website.

*The Medallion is not hidden on private residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property. It is not hidden on a golf course, in a cemetery or on church property. It is not buried. It is not located underwater or in a building. It is not located in a hazardous area and tools will not be required to locate it.*

2016 Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue #1: In the quest for the Medallion, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. 

Clue #2: Find the circle within the path and you will be near, if you don’t go astray.

Clue #3: If you find Jean along the way, take a moment to reflect. To find the goal you seek, you must follow the horizon to where the sun sets.

Clue #4: Beware the Tigers, for they are everywhere.

Clue#5:  The farm fields are gone; grain will grow here nevermore.  But a tribute to those who came before remains.

Clue#6: The amber waves of grain have been replaced with rolling seas of green.

Clue#7: When the rat race is left behind, peace and tranquility lie ahead.

Clue#8:After a long journey, it is time to rest.  Latitude 41.767443 / Longitude -88.417963

The Sugar Grove Corn Boil Committee requests that participants, please respect all property as they look for the Medallion. If you find the Medallion, please make contact with the designated person as directed in the information found with the medallion.