Medallion Hunt



2017 Sugar Grove Corn Boil Medallion Hunt!


Specifically Noah Richards!

The 50th Anniversary Sugar Grove Corn Boil Medallion has arrived!

The 10th Annual Corn Boil Medallion Hunt is gearing up! This year’s Medallion was ordered and is in the possession of the Medallion Committee. In June, 2017 it will be hidden within Sugar Grove Township.  The person who finds the Medallion will be recognized during the Sugar Grove Corn Boil 2017 opening ceremonies that will take place on Friday, July 28, 2017. A cash prize of $50 will be awarded along with the 2017 Sugar Grove Corn Boil glass medallion.

Clues as to finding the Medallion’s whereabouts will be available this year on the Sugar Grove Corn Boil website only: beginning on Thursday, June 8, 2017. One clue every Thursday from then on will be posted on the website, until it is found. So follow the website weekly. When the medallion is found, the winner’s information will be posted on the Corn Boil website.

The Medallion is not hidden on Private Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural Property.  It is not hidden on a Golf Course, in a Cemetery or on Church Property.  It is not buried but it may be under something.  It is not located underwater or in a building.  It is not located in a hazardous area and tools will not be required to locate it.  

The Sugar Grove Corn Boil Committee requests that participants please respect all property as they look for the Medallion.  If you find the Medallion, please make contact with the designated person as directed in the information found with the medallion.


 Let the Hunt Begin!

Clue # 1 Posted June 8th

  1. The Medallion is in its place. East – West – North – South. Eliminate three to complete this quest.

Clue # 2 Posting June 15th

2.  You’ll encounter many choices along the way. When you come to the fork in the path, choose wisely and be consistent; but don’t worry, you won’t get lost.

Clue # 3 Posting June 22nd

3.   Be prepared to push the limits as your search will take you far and wide. You may venture deep into the woods; but don’t worry, civilization is nearby.

Clue # 4 Posting June 29th

4.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Depending on your direction, you’ve gone too far or not far enough.

Clue # 5 Posting July 6th

5.  Pass the splash, ignore the farm, but don’t go into the orchard. Stay focused on the quest. If you see Gordon, you may be on the right path.

Clue # 6 Posting July 13th

6.   Find the Culvers and you’ll be near, but don’t stop to eat as you still have a ways to go. Don’t give up.

Clue # 7 Posting July 20th

7.  As you continue your search, look for the thing that used to be at home in the forest but is now out of place in the woods.