The Stone Giants

The Stone Giants started out in 1993 when Macomb, Illinois natives Kortney “K” Leatherwood and Jordan Egler began delving into the world of rock. The following summer their debut show at The Café in Macomb was held with the bands first line-up, Egler was lead guitar and vocals and Leatherwood had vocals and bass. In 1997 Mike “Sparky Jared” Smith was discovered for percussion and Ken Becker joined in 2001 as rhythm guitarist.
The band spent the early years extensively touring Chicagoland, northern and central Illinois until unfortunately, education and occupations separated the bands members into different regions of Illinois. However, that did not stop the productions; they performed shows whenever they could but turned their focus to writing and producing original music.
Egler opened Redlight Records recording label in 1996. The group released 5 full albums: 1996’s “The Stone Giants”, 1998’s “Chandler Street EP”, “2002’s “Big Rocks”, 2005’s “… And They Roamed the Earth”, and 2008’s “IV”. And, over the last few months the red light at Redlight Records has been glowing a little brighter, another new fully original album is on its way. The group is based out of Macomb, Illinois where Egler successfully owns and operates Redlight Records recording label. While the band has an extensive collection of original music, the stage show showcases cover music from 60’s pop/rock, 70’s arena rock, 80’s classics, 90’s grunge, and reggae, Motown, punk rock, country, alternative and even some easy listening… but all with the original Stone Giants sound. Maybe best collectively described as pop rock with dark, tender tattoos.
Over the last year The Stone Giants have been breaking back into live performance successfully taking over Springfield’s live music scene and now working on the Chicagoland area. If you remember us from the past we can’t wait to see you. If you are new to us we can’t wait to make new friends. See you at the show.