A list of 2014 vendors will be posted soon!

Participating Vendors

Booth Information

Spaces for our Vendor Booth area measure approximately 10’x 10’. The Corn Boil reserves the right to place vendors wherever they deem appropriate, in the best interest of the Corn Boil. Spaces may be placed on asphalt or lawn. All spaces are outdoors. Canopies may be used; however, they must be contained within the allotted space, and cannot be grounded into the asphalt or concrete.

The vendor is responsible for providing all of their equipment and supplies for their display. The Corn Boil Committee is not responsible for providing any display item or items needed for a display.

Food Vendors operate in the Prairie Building area.




To submit your application mail the following items to the address below:

  • Completed Vendor Booth Agreement for your vendor type (See above)
  • Completed Risk and Waiver Form
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Check payable to “Sugar Grove Corn Boil”
Sugar Grove Corn Boil – V
P.O. Box 225
Sugar Grove, IL 60554