Festival Information



Our Mission


The Sugar Grove Corn Boil, NFP, a citizen volunteer group, exists for the purpose of planning, organizing and presenting an annual summer festival that promotes a sense of community and provides local service Organizations a fundraising opportunity.

Info Tent


Stop by and visit us at the Information Tent located in front of the food court.

  • First Aid
  • Cooling Station
  • Lost and Found
  • Kid Safety Wristband program
  • Corn boil map and schedule
  • Purchase raffle tickets,  check to see if you won,  pick up your prize!
  • Make a donation to the fireworks fund

General Festival Hours – 2024

Thursday, July 25, 2024

5:00pm to 10:00pm

Friday, July 26, 2024

5:00pm to 11:00pm

Saturday, July 27, 2024

11:00am to 11:00pm

Sunday July 28, 2024

11:00am to 6:00pm

Free Parking

Volunteer Park is located in a neighborhood with parking available on village streets. Please be courteous of our neighbors, ensuring that vehicles do not block any drive ways, and obey all “No Parking” signs. We have to maintain enough space for emergency vehicles to be able to access the area.

Guests are welcome to park at specified parking lots and take the Free Shuttle Service that is available to and from these lots during all the festival hours:

  • Sugar Grove Library parking lot located at 125 Municipal Dr.
  • Municipal Center (village hall/police station) parking lot located at 10 Municipal Dr.

Fun for the kids is the large hay wagon shuttle pulled by a tractor which makes a loop continually during the festivities, dropping off and picking up at two park entrances and the Library. Free golf cart shuttles will also be patrolling the streets to get you comfortably to and from the park.

Senior, Handicapped and all Veterans are invited to park in the lot directly in front of John Shields Elementary School located at 85 S. Main Street. There will be six Veteran Preferred spaces in the Senior/Handicapped lot.

Motorcycles are welcome to park on the concrete sidewalk and around the flagpole in front of John Shields Elementary School located at 85 S. Main Street. This provides a secure surface for your rides off the asphalt pavement, especially during very hot weather. There are ramped access points to this pavement area.

Kid Safety

Lost Children
Parents/guardians reporting or inquiring about lost children should contact the nearest police officer, Information Tent, or Corn Boil Committee person. That person will immediately contact the on-site Police with all important information about the child. This information will be disseminated to all relevant parties in the park.

A found, “lost,” child will be handed over to a Sugar Grove police representative. The child will remain with Public Safety Officers until the parties are reunited. To expedite the return of a child back to his/her parents/guardians, please consider participation in our Kids Safety Wristband program.

Kid Safety Wristband
The Sugar Grove Corn Boil “Kid Safety” wristband program will make it easier for a child to be identified and reunited with their family. To participate in this service please bring your child to the Information Tent. You will complete a contact form. With completion of the form you will receive a numbered wrist band for your child and a matching numbered tag for your wallet.

This is a FREE and voluntary service. If you choose, your contact information will be added to our Corn Boil contact list. Otherwise, information on file for you will be destroyed after the event and will not be used by Corn Boil for any purpose past reuniting parents/guardians with children brought to the Information Tent lost and found. Details and registration are available during hours of the event at the Corn Boil Information Tent. The program is available while supplies last. Do not add any information to the child wrist band. This “Kids Safety Wristband” number match up system gives Corn Boil Committee members the necessary information to contact you and return your child. We appreciate your support in keeping our event family friendly and fun.

Please review your family plan for crowds and “if we are separated” decisions with your children. When you arrive at the park please show your children a safe contact area, such as the information tent, the Prairie Building where corn is served, and the Kid Zone staff. It is recommended that you take a photo of your child each day of the event. This will record the current details of clothing and hairstyle. This is information that may be useful.

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